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This site was set up to share information on Self-Build housing based on my experience site managing community self build schemes after building my own house.

Since then the Self-Build market has changed maybe as a result of the Grand Designs effect. Plots have become very expensive so the houses built on them are all top end very few projects seem to be people building sensible houses for themselves the builds have been much more top end.

This has led to a change in the needs of those wanting to have an energy efficient, healthy, comfortable home. There is now much more interest in improving, updating and extending existing buildings.


This certainly been my experience as I come to the end of upgrading a 1970s timber fame bungalow. In the process I have been amazed at how difficult it is to get solid information on the best methods to improve insulation levels, draught proofing etc. So I have read what is around and made some of it up and learned a lot in the process. So I have decided to change the emphasis of the site to new and refurb issues, ideas, experiences, publications and links.


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