Sustainable Community Buildings and Village Halls

Sustainability is a catchall word that covers all aspects of a community buildings management. This course however will focus on environmental and energy issues.


With energy prices increasing and concern about climate change it is essential that those running a community building or village hall need to look the sustainability of their centre.


These courses are designed either for those involved in running a building or those planning a new building, extending an existing building or planning a major renovation project


Existing buildings.

If you are using or running an existing community building the scope they have to improve the efficiency of the building may appear to be limited, but infact there is a lot that can be done to minimise the building's impact.


New Build, extensions and renovations

Looking at how to make the new building as sustainable as possible inside limited budgets.

Time spent looking at all issues concerning minimising energy use will mean that for the whole buildings life it will be cheaper to run and probably a more pleasant space to use. The issues are complex but this course will give you the knowledge you will need to make informed decisions.


On these 1 day courses we will look at:-

Design issues, Heating, Ventilation, Lighting, Maintenance, External areas, Water conservation, Renewables


Target Audience

Aimed at both those working in or managing community buildings, children centres, village halls, offices etc.


Length 1 day 10 – 4.30   Numbers Max 20.


Outcomes A clearer understanding of the issues concerning energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. And the ability to implement some changes and where to get further information. The course will be backed up with a full pack of notes and contacts for further information.


Tutors Julia Dinsdale & Geoff Stow


Geoff Stow has worked in the community development field for most of his working life Recently he has been involved in self build housing and environmental building issues. He has run courses for Centre for Alternative Technology, Tenants resource Centre in Chester, Walter Segal Self Build Trust as well as under his own company BIY. He is on the management Committee of the AECB (Association for Environmental Consious Building)


Julia Dinsdale is an experienced adult educator having worked in the field for the past 25 years delivering training linked to community development and outreach to a variety of audiences.  She has worked extensively with community groups in both rural and urban areas and is currently teaching The Certificate in Community Development Work in Somerset


For more details contact Geoff or Julia on 01392 272475 [email protected]